Adult & Family Medicine

At our clinic, we specialize in adult and family medicine, which includes (men & women health), teenagers and elderly patients. We provide an annual complete physical examination and blood tests, as well as urine analysis, chest X-Ray, and EKG. We also focus on routine screening tests for the following conditions:
​​​​​​​A- Breast Cancer:  Annual mammogram. Usually have a base-line mammogram at age 35, then annually starting at age 40. If the patient has risk factors for breast cancer, these recommendations may be changed.
B- Prostate Cancer: Annual digital rectal exam and blood test (PSA) for men at age 50 and up.
C- Colon Cancer: The recommendation for colon cancer screening is at age 50 and up (for men and women), this includes annual digital rectal exam and stool cards for occult blood. Also, sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy every 3-5 years respectively. A good alternative is Cologuard, a unique way for colon cancer screening that can be done at home every 3 years. 
D- Cervical & Uterine Cancer: Annual pelvic exam and pap smear.